the premise of the user experience

New SEO strategy is certainly not outside the chain mainly Resisting Foreign Aggression, do its work stations, to increase the information available to the user, and less advertising, made ​​outside the chain around the optimization of the site do not have reasonable propaganda can, Baidu value is the user experience, if your site every day hundreds of users to access, but stay in the home 1S left, Baidu would certainly think that this is a garbage site. Baidu new algorithm has been relying on outside the chain included the amount, is the analysis of user data, this is something that many webmasters know, but really executed down how much? In summary, this change is also not a bad thing, at least there is no comprehensive K Station. Indexed problem we can start from the quality of the article, no matter what the time, high-quality original articles, search engines are like new SEO strategy under the premise of the user experience more relaxed our webmaster the work, so we should be reasonable to look at the things what fluctuations As for the decline Baidu included, believe that will be reflected in the next one week! Each time the data is updated Baidu, more or less accompanied by some reaction, of course, little reaction, Take the 622 was big update, the author of the website it basically does not change. When some significant changes, as well as challenges of our time. Some owners say rank little to change Indexed less less normal. But we still have time to pay attention to these issues, the time to monitor his movements, only to keep up with Baidu's footsteps, at any time alignment that does not abandoned by Baidu.

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